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Mars square Mercury

Heated Disagreements

Kelli Fox

Is it possible to put off your important meetings at work for a few weeks? Because you might really be better off doing so. This three-week transit is all about frustrating communications and you're just not likely to get your ideas across in a positive way; not without a lot of effort, anyway.

You might even get into arguments with your coworkers, your boss or other business associates, and while you'll be telling yourself that they're the one that started it -- they challenged you first, you'll think; you were just standing up for yourself and your ideas! -- really, it's you that will cast the first stone. You're not nearly as tactful now as you usually are; it's as if the filter between your thoughts and your mouth is missing, and criticisms and other rudenesses come tumbling out before you can stop them. You'll put the people around you on the defense without even meaning to, and that's no way to get good, solid work done. Even with your friends, you'll notice that conversations are tense; but it's better to stick to the people who know you best during this transit, instead of trying to make a good impression on someone new, and failing.

Mars square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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