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Mars square Mars

Push Comes to Shove

Kelli Fox

You're not at your best during these three weeks. Your energy is running high, and your desires and ambitions are clear in your mind. But you're acting like a steamroller in your drive to reach your goals, trying to flatten everyone in your path!

Your ego has taken the forefront and your aggressive side could really come out to play; all of a sudden, what's most important to you is your own needs and drives. You feel strong, insistent, but you're coming across as aggressive and very unpleasant. That kind of behavior will automatically pit people against you; they won't want to get in your corner. And then your mood will turn sour in response; you'll feel frustrated and ready to lash out at whoever you perceive as standing in your way, and a real battle of wills could result. It's also possible that someone else could get surly with you, and you'll have to deal with their aggressive energy, but it's more likely that you'll be the one stirring up all the trouble. To avoid this and have a better time for these few weeks, use your excess energy to buckle down at the office and really get something done. Step up your exercise routine and expend some of it that way. And watch your mouth!

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