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Mars square Jupiter

Impulsive and Pushy

Kelli Fox

All of a sudden, your normal prudence is thrown out the window in favor of an impulsive, reckless bent. During these three weeks, your projects are likely to suffer; you're apt to ignore important details and even waving red flags. Hold off on making any important decisions, like financial investments, changes in your job or residence, commitment to your honey...

You're putting your money where your mouth is now, but your mouth is spouting off, promising things right and left that you're going to have trouble delivering! You're feeling so expansive, so confident, so aggressive about going after whatever it is that you want. You'll say yes to anything anyone asks of you -- and then you'll be stuck with a way-too-full schedule, and no time left over for you. If you're after a promotion at work, you'll push your boss about it -- and potentially turn them off with your excessive efforts to impress. If it's a new relationship you want, the same thing could happen when you come on too strong with that special someone. Your physical energy will be strong now, but will come in spurts and could sputter out fast. Keep up your regular exercise routine but don't push it too far.

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