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Mars sextile Venus

Frolicking Good Fun

Kelli Fox

Passion and love unite now with delicious results. This three-week transit is all about the giving and receiving of pleasure, so if you're in a relationship, you can expect things to get pretty nice between you and your honey! You're in the mood to connect on a physical level, to really show them exactly how you feel about them.

You want to enjoy them, and for them to enjoy themselves, and for all the good feelings to just go zinging around between you! And so they will. If you're single, don't fret -- you can still find a way to get out your passions, even though it might not include one-on-one time behind closed doors with someone special. How about group action instead? No, not that kind of group action! More like, group social events -- parties, clubs, picnics, what have you. Get-togethers like these will go extremely well now, because you're feeling fun and frisky and you want to spread your good energy around. So get your friends together for a fun dinner party. Who knows? You just might meet someone really special there! Some dancing in the moonlight, a little hand holding, and you'll have the sweet physical connection that you've been craving...

Mars sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. SHELBY TURNER on September 9, 2018 at 11:50 am

    I met someone in 1976. e haven’t kept in close contact. I want to know if we are still ment for each other, when we will be TOGATHER . Is their anything I need or should do ? This persons Name is: Harold ,we have the same Last Name.

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