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Mars sextile Sun

Picking Up the Pace

Kelli Fox

This should be an excellent couple of weeks, a time when you can accomplish a great deal of work on a personal level. You're feeling great -- strong, centered, motivated -- so this is your time to get out there and make it happen! You've got plenty of energy now, so step up the pace on your exercise program -- or get started on a new one -- and tackle some physical chores.

You have much more stamina than usual, and you'll surprise yourself with how much you can take! Hey, no pain, no gain, right? Except right now, you won't feel much pain; you're strong and capable. It's the perfect time to push your body to the max, for you'll build both strength and endurance. You can take this wonderful energy beyond the physical, however. You're uniquely in touch with your goals now, so if you haven't already, take a few hours to write out a plan for yourself -- for the next five years, say, with all your career and personal ambitions listed. Working out a game plan to get where you want to go will go really well now, because you know exactly how to get the things you want most. Your energy and confidence will definitely impress your boss, and that special someone as well!

Mars sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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