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Mars sextile Pluto

Hard Work With Good Results

Kelli Fox

This week is a great time to think about your goals in life and start moving toward them. You have the energy and the stamina needed to make changes both great and small now, and whatever effort you make will act like a pebble tossed into a pond -- it will send out ripples of influence that will positively affect every area of your life. So take a minute to decide what needs changing or revamping in your life.

Does your exercise regime need an overhaul? Do you need to step things up at the office, maybe in hopes of a promotion or a raise? Do your relationships with friends or family need some new spark? Or do you need to change something about your own attitude? Don't overlook this opportunity to bring about wonderful changes within yourself as well as in your life in general, because you've got a unique chance now to make things happen. Bringing more intensity to whatever you do -- work, exercise, relating with the people you love -- will have a great effect. Just by putting out more positive energy into the world, you'll actually feel more energized! And you'll come through this period feeling rejuvenated and closer to the person you want to be.

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