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Mars sextile Jupiter

Here, There and Everywhere

Kelli Fox

You'll be here, there and everywhere during these three weeks. You've got a lot of different balls in the air, at work and in your social life -- and each one is a different color, uniquely interesting to you! Having options is wonderful, isn't it?

Your social calendar is full and your work schedule is packed to the gills; you're meeting with new clients and associates every day, and going out on the town every night. And you've got the energy and stamina to handle it all with a big smile and a friendly word for everyone. Stay physically active during this period as well as mentally. Keep up your exercise routine -- but don't go overboard, because you could strain a muscle in your exuberance. This transit is also about personal growth, so through your personal and professional relationships, you're likely to make strides in understanding yourself and what you're looking for in life and in your work. Remember, your best opportunities for understanding will come through getting out into the world and interacting with people, not staying home alone. You'll find it easy to keep your eyes open, your chin up and your mind attuned to the possibilities.

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