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Mars opposite Venus

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Kelli Fox

Your libido is through the roof during this three-week period! You're fantasizing about sex during the day and dreaming about it at night, waking up sweaty and full of desires that are clamoring for an outlet. But getting your energy out in a physical way with someone special may not be an option, if you're single or if things just aren't going your way out on the dating scene; and that could be really frustrating to deal with.

Although you might be tempted to hook up with someone that really isn't that special to you, just to scratch an itch, so to speak, that's not a good idea. It would definitely leave you feeling the void of that emotional connection that's so important as a complement to a physical bond. But your passion's going to have to get expressed and used up somehow, so how? Exercise is a good route; endurance training through swimming, running or lifting weights is a great way to focus your energy and train it into submission. But do you have the discipline to do that now? Probably not! You're impulsive and your energy is all over the place. So, you'll have to try a little harder, that's all. This troublesome energy will pass in a few weeks, don't worry.

Mars opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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