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Mars opposite Saturn

Action and Reaction

Kelli Fox

You're not your normal, easygoing self during this transit. You're edgy, ready to react to pretty much anything. If there's anyone in your life who enjoys provoking you just to get a reaction, they'll probably step it up now -- because you're such an easy target!

Battles of will could ensue, which, unfortunately, you probably won't win. You'll find that whenever you attempt to exert your leadership, you're put in your place by some authority figure -- a boss, a professor, even a police officer, such as if you get a ticket and protest its validity. Part of the issue is that your sore spots are so obvious that people can't help but poke at them; it's just human nature. But you're feeling so stifled that you won't deal with things in an effective way; instead, you'll keep it all inside, the bitterness simmering like a nasty-tasting soup. Physical stress is very possible now, as an outer manifestation of your inner frustration, so be careful when you're working out at the gym or playing sports. You could pull a muscle or develop a stress injury. Steady, measured activity is a much better way to deal with this period; be sure to include a gentle stretch after exercising.

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