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Mars opposite Pluto

Thwarted Ambitions

Kelli Fox

Your ambitions and goals are likely to be thwarted during this short-lived but difficult time -- or at least, you'll feel as if that's what's happening. You'll feel stopped short at every turn, as if the universe is against you and everything you're trying to make happen. But it's not that the universe is against you; in fact, it's a whole lot more likely that you're getting in your own way.

You're seeing sources of conflict where they don't exist, and you're behaving aggressively with your friends and coworkers without even realizing it. You could really tick someone off at work if you take an unnecessary stand on a project, or out and about if you succumb to road rage or annoyance in the grocery checkout line. Furthermore, you're more obsessive now than usual; you could turn a certain idea or suspicion over and over in your mind, convincing yourself that it's true and a way bigger deal than it really is. Or, you might become obsessed with a certain person -- that special someone, perhaps -- and that's never a good thing! You could end up pushing them away, either by attending them too closely or by starting unnecessary arguments. Try to tone it down.

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