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Mars opposite Neptune

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Kelli Fox

At this time, take extreme caution when meeting with other people, whether it's for business or pleasure, and take extra special care if it's the first time you're getting together. You're in an idealistic space at this time, which will make it hard to get an accurate read on reality. You might want to push forward on a project at work, an investment or some other endeavor at home, but now is not the time -- you're not in your normal frame of mind, and you could make some bad decisions based on false information.

Furthermore, your mind is clouded by doubts and suspicions, and the funny thing is that this negative filter could actually draw negative people and influences your way. It's more possible now than usual for you to be deceived, but it's more likely that you'll be misled -- by your own faulty perceptions. You're not seeing things clearly or hearing people accurately; you might think one thing is happening when really, it's something else entirely. Your physical energy is off now too; in general, you're just not feeling yourself. Get plenty of rest -- you'll probably need more than usual -- and choose gentle exercise if you're motivated to exercise at all.

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