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Mars opposite Mercury

Thin Skinned

Kelli Fox

If you feel grouchy, don't blame it on the weather. Either you'll recognize the fact that you're irritable during this three-week period, or you'll think you're the normal one and it's everyone else that's causing all the trouble. Run-ins with friends, coworkers and the guy who just stole your spot in the parking lot will happen again and again, and you may start to wonder what's up with all the tension swirling around you.

Well, the bad news is, it may well be originating with you. You're likely to take offense at the slightest provocation now, although it's also very possible that you'll be put in a position in which you'll have to defend yourself. At work, meetings with coworkers or other associates could turn ugly fast, and it will take some quick thinking to stay out of the fray; too bad your mind isn't working that fast just now. You may have to try much harder than usual to get your ideas across, and even then it will be difficult to get people into your corner. It might just be best to let someone else lead the way, and to fall quietly into line. When you're out and about, especially while driving, take special care not to act aggressively with strangers.

Mars opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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