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Mars opposite Mars

A Line in the Sand

Kelli Fox

You may find yourself embroiled in arguments and conflicts during this three-week period, some of your own making and some not. You've got a push-me-pull-you dynamic going on with other people now, and regardless of how you normally are, at this time you're more than willing to throw down the gauntlet for any perceived challenge. You're ignoring other people's boundaries in favor of pushing your own; your own needs and desires are at the forefront of your mind now, which pretty well cuts out concern for the people around you.

But you don't want to come across as uncaring, do you? You wouldn't want to push away either your friends or your coworkers or associates. So instead of pushing things that far -- to the point where you force them to shove back -- you would do better to talk yourself down. Remind yourself that yours isn't the only agenda in the world, and it isn't even necessarily the most important one. Make sure that you get to the gym regularly during this transit, because you need a good outlet for your energies. And make sure that you identify your needs, and then wait for the right time to act on them. Don't be pushy!

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