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Mars opposite Jupiter

Resentful of Limitations

Kelli Fox

You've got big ideas during this three-week period -- and you don't want anyone standing in the way of reaching your goals. It's good to have ambitions, but the problem now is that you'll perceive just about anyone and anything as a challenge, one that merits a fight. You'll stand up to anyone, even if it's a coworker who's just trying to help you refine your ideas, or a friend who doesn't realize that you're dreaming of single-handedly winning your pickup basketball game instead of relying on teamwork to reach a victory together.

You could get really hotheaded if you're not careful, and you could stress yourself out if you don't watch yourself. All your workaholic tendencies are likely to come out now, because you want to do it all yourself, just to make sure that it's done right. But while you think that's going to impress the boss, in actuality, they want you to be a team player. Another possibility at this time is that you'll push people away by being way too dogmatic about your political or spiritual beliefs, instead of letting everyone in the group have their say. Try to tone it down, if you don't want to offend your friends and neighbors.

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