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Mars conjunct Venus

Passion Alert!

Kelli Fox

Your sexual radar is on red alert now. Whether you're single or coupled, you want to express your passion in a straightforward and physical way. So let's hope you're happily coupled, because running out and grabbing the first attractive person you see probably isn't the best way to conduct yourself, right now or anytime!

Now, if there's someone cute and sweet that you've been getting to know, and all the signals seem positive and strong, then by all means, take the relationship to that next level. But if there's any doubt about whether they're on the same page as you, amorously speaking, then you're going to have to take a cold shower and find a way to divert that energy. Marathon training, anyone? It'll take something that intense and focused to expend your pent-up passion! Because you're running hot and strong now. But if you are in a relationship, the current energy could easily spill over into other areas of the relationship -- such as going head-to-head in an argument. Try to keep it loving instead of letting your passions get out of control. Or at least find a way to kiss and make up in a way that you'll both enjoy!

Mars conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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