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Mars conjunct Uranus

Uncontained Energy

Kelli Fox

Whoa, there! You're like a whirling dervish, energy spinning and flying all around you. You've got the attention span of a three-year-old, and you're likely to do something surprising, even shocking, at work or out on the town.

Plans? Schmans! That's your attitude now; you can't seem to stick to a schedule, and you'll probably delight in nothing more than tossing a monkey wrench into the status quo. Just try not to do any permanent damage! It's not worth getting fired over a little three-week rebellious streak, right? So get to work on time and get the job done; save your exciting spontaneity for evenings out with friends, or weekend trips out of town. You'll probably feel impatient with the people around you, especially if you think they're in your way. Deal with people gently -- again, especially your boss and coworkers. It isn't worth it to burn your bridges on a whim, and then have to go back and rebuild them later. Your best bet, in fact, is to work hard on your work projects -- alone, if possible -- and hang out with your close friends, the people who know you best. They can handle it if you get a little out of hand in terms of energy and combativeness.

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