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Mars conjunct Sun

Vital and Vigorous

Kelli Fox

You feel infused with vitality and vigor during this three-week transit. Physically, you're strong and active, so there is no better time to start the exercise routine that's been on your to-do list, or kick it up a notch at the gym. If you have a project or task either at work or at home that has seemed too big an undertaking up till now, this is a great time to get it started, because you're driven.

You know what you want, and you know how to get it! But a word of caution is in order: You'll work best by yourself, at your own pace. You're so driven right now that your goals could easily get in the way of treating the people around you with tact and care. Translation -- you might walk right over your coworker or your honey, because your eyes are trained on the prize! So just get things done on your own, the way you do it best. Furthermore, since you don't want to have to slow down for anyone, be careful when you drive! In general, try to keep yourself in check with others during this period, but also focus on moving yourself and your life forward on a personal level. If you do, this will be a very productive and energetic time for you.

Mars conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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