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Mars conjunct Pluto

Your Own Agenda

Kelli Fox

Clashes of will are on the agenda this week, and even if you think you're just rising to the challenge, you're probably really the one stirring things up. You've got a definite chip on your shoulder, and a lot of energy that's welling up inside you. Why not put it to good use instead of starting arguments with your boss, your family, your friends, your sweetie and the poor guy at the checkout counter who wants nothing more than to ring up your purchases and move on to the next customer?

Because if you don't channel your passion, that's who you'll be getting into conflict with -- everyone. So find a way to focus your energies in a positive direction. Step up your exercise routine; completely redo your yard or rearrange the furniture in your house; start training for a marathon. Do something with your energy that won't involve challenging anyone that gets in your way! Otherwise, you'll take needless stands at work, upsetting your coworkers and ticking off your boss; then you'll bring that tense energy home and take it out on your roommates, your family, even the dog. Word to the wise: Try counting slowly to ten before rising to anything you perceive as a challenge.

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