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Mars conjunct Neptune


Kelli Fox

Although your creativity is very stimulated at this time, you may be so befuddled that you aren't able to take advantage of it. You're in a generally confused state of mind now; at work, you'll have trouble getting important details right, and in general you might unintentionally misrepresent yourself. You're more insecure than usual now; you don't know what step to take next, on a project at the office or something you've been working on at home.

You're also off-kilter with your friends and family. If you feel angry, you won't feel comfortable expressing it, so it will manifest in passive-aggressive behavior instead of straightforward statements. Passive-aggressiveness isn't the way to go, of course, but you're so confused and uncertain of what's really bothering you that in some ways, it's your only recourse. How can you be straightforward if you don't even know what the problem is? But there is a problem; that much you'll feel certain of, at least. The good news is, this too shall pass. Your mind is just playing tricks on you, and in a few weeks the current energy will lighten once again, making way for things to return to normal.

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