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Mars conjunct Mercury

Leaping to Conclusions

Kelli Fox

All of a sudden you're thinking and even talking a little faster. Whereas you usually weigh matters carefully, during this three-week transit you'll leap to conclusions, react impulsively and make lightning-fast decisions that may or may not prove to be sound ones. Keeping things running smoothly at work and with your friends could be difficult, because your irascible energy will put people off right and left.

You're on the defensive, antagonistic toward anyone that you think merits it -- which could be plenty of people; you'll view most people around you as presenting a challenge of some kind. On the other hand, the passion behind your words and opinions could help you out if you need to make a case or sell your position. Just make sure not to carry things too far, as speaking tactlessly could push away a potential associate. Initiating projects is easy for you now, so launch something important at home or at work; you can be very productive, if only through delegating tasks to your coworkers or friends. This is also a good time to catch up on all sorts of communication and paperwork. Pay attention to the details, though!

Mars conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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