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Mars conjunct Jupiter

A Bouncing Puppy

Kelli Fox

It'll be hard for anyone to keep up with you during this three-week transit! Business meetings or social get-togethers may go well, because you're definitely in the mood for fun; but you might leave everyone in the dust, because your energy could be a bit hard to handle for some. A big danger at this time is biting off more than you can chew.

Your ambitions and energy are running so high that you feel you can handle anything, but remember, this energy won't last forever. Soon you might resent all the tasks you've agreed to do during these weeks of confidence and optimism. Your brisk, expansive, can-do attitude could quickly turn into a please-help-me whine, when you realize you've taken on way too much! Be sure to keep up with your exercise routine, but be careful about overdoing it; it's easy to stretch, jump or run a bit too much now, making it possible to pull muscles and strain your joints. Avoid all types of risk-taking, because you're feeling lucky and could make some bad gambles. If you can keep yourself and your urges in check, you could have a really great time during this transit, and so will your friends and coworkers, just from being around you!

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