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Jupiter trine Uranus

A Sense of Discovery

Kelli Fox

You have a wonderfully refreshing way right now of viewing the universe and everything in it; a newfound sense of wonder and amazement at the creative capacity of the world. You'll marvel at the detail and intricacy of life, opening your mind to new discoveries and inventions while continuing to learn about old ones. You'll feel dizzy when you consider the incredible speed of the information highway and all the ways technology has improved your life, yet this won't blind you to the miracles of the natural world.

Your mind is curious, craving new ideas and input, so satisfy its deep hunger by taking a difficult class or reading something that's a little above your level. Just as your mind is growing, other areas of your life will experience similar expansion and opportunity. At work, all of a sudden you have a vision for the future that you've never before considered. Be sure to write these ideas down and present them to others at a meeting; even if they don't come to fruition now, they may later. Try something new in your social life too: Branch out and find new relationships and activities to keep your curiosity and restlessness from getting the best of you.

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