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Jupiter trine Sun

Teacher, Teacher

Kelli Fox

You feel generous, expansive, knowledgeable and ready to spread your wealth to those around you. You're attuned to charitable work now; you strongly desire to improve your local environment by reaching out and sharing what you have and what you know. This period would be an excellent time to take a class, or better yet, teach one on something you do well.

If you live near a school, inquire about their tutoring programs. You've got a knack for understanding what others need, and your gift for sharing yourself and your knowledge, and for building confidence in others, should be used for the most elevated purposes now. Giving of yourself affects not only those whom you help immediately, but also ripples far outward in a beneficial way, touching many others as well -- most of whom you'll never see. If possible, travel to other countries, particularly on a charitable type of trip. The benefits to others will be clear, but what might not be so obvious is the benefit to you. Exposure to radically different cultures and people opens your mind and heart in ways you can't expect, and helps you appreciate all the beauty and wonder in your own life.

Jupiter trine Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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