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Jupiter trine Pluto

Beyond the Self

Kelli Fox

Your knowledge, personal power and resources will increase with little effort from you during this rare and powerful influence. The big test will be, who benefits from this increase? You will, certainly, but for the best results, it's time to broadcast your good fortune and skill to a wider audience.

Although you may prefer to work alone during this period, group efforts are the way to go. That way, not only will your talents and skill be available to more people, but others may also have input and ideas that are a valuable addition to what you can offer by yourself. It's important that your work extends beyond your personal life. All in all, you feel quite good at this time, confident in your future and able to make needed changes in your life to ensure success for yourself. This will then ripple out to those near and dear to you. Your thirst for knowledge will likely increase at this time; you'll soak up information rapidly and you'll quickly reframe it so that it's useful to you. You are also able to teach effectively at this time, so if someone comes to you for your wisdom and advice, take this seriously and do your best to guide them.

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