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Jupiter trine Neptune

Freedom Through Unity

Kelli Fox

Your imagination will keep you going day and night for the duration of this rare influence. Your nights will be filled with long, complex and convoluted dreams that somehow stay with you hours after you wake up, and the daytime will bring even more visions and new perceptions. You'll feel the gentle tug of your spiritual side wanting more attention than you've been giving it lately, so follow that urge: Attend spiritual services, read books that uplift you and honor the creative power of nature.

You may find a spiritual mentor during this time, or even become one yourself, to your surprise: Someone else has seen something in you that you didn't see in yourself. In any event, your spiritual life will be brought into focus now, so cultivate a feeling of reverence. Search for the meaning of things. Give of your time and resources to those who need it most; that way, the positive effects of this period will extend far beyond its actual duration. The ultimate, cumulative meaning of this time will be up to you to discover on your own, but know that you're seeking freedom through unity. You'll find yourself by becoming one with everything.

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