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Jupiter trine Jupiter

A Well-Oiled Machine

Kelli Fox

This is a time of great fortune, luck and ease, when your affairs will seem to run themselves with little assistance from you and both your personal and professional lives will flow smoothly and easily. To give credit where credit is due, you've set up a well-oiled machine that now permits you to take a little rest; during these few months you can enjoy the fruit of your labor. You can use this period for relaxation, if you'd like, and recharge your batteries; you've earned it.

If you're in the mood for a long vacation or a leave of absence, this will be a good time to take it, because you'll be interested in visiting other places and points of interest. Your mind is curious and open, easily absorbing new information that broadens your perspective. This will not be time wasted. On the other hand, you may choose to keep on working. After all, not only are you at the head of the race, you're also a faster runner -- and why squander that position? So, you keep running. You're full of energy and plans, and you're already in motion. Your efforts will improve your situation even more. Either way you choose to use this influence will work to your benefit, just in different ways.

Jupiter trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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