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Jupiter square Uranus

Rebel, Rebel

Kelli Fox

If your life carries on for one more day in the same boring, monotonous way that it has for the past (fill in the blank) years, you're going to scream! Every little thing is getting under your skin now, making you feel incredibly irritated. You're so restless, you squirm in your seat and check your watch every three minutes.

You're eyeballing that Harley Davidson in the window every day on your lunch hour, dreaming of long highways and the wind whipping through your hair. Wake up! You're right here, right now, ready to make some effective changes in your life, throwing off the shackles of jobs, people and situations that keep you down. One thing to be careful of, though: You're feeling so independent and rebellious that you just may turn your back on some good advice, refusing it just because you want to do everything yourself. Other people's opinions about you and your possible future should not make you choose exactly the opposite, just out of spite or rebelliousness. Although it will be a challenge, make an effort to listen honestly to others' advice: There may be some true pearls of wisdom in there, and this is, after all, a lucky period.

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