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Jupiter square Sun

Overly Optimistic

Kelli Fox

If you're feeling invincible right now, take heed. It's tempting to succumb to that feeling of omnipotence -- the assurance that you can do no wrong, your ideas are the best, you know the most and you already grasp everything pertinent that there is to understand. But down this path lies folly, not to mention a self-righteousness that others find very unpleasant.

You're feeling so energetic and optimistic that it's going to be very easy for you to take on too much, more than you can actually accomplish. If you find yourself unable to say no to new projects, offers and job opportunities, you'll soon find yourself overwhelmed with more tasks than you, or anybody, could handle. You'll feel not only overwhelmed, but resentful. So don't be so quick to agree to everything! Your need for freedom will also be stimulated at this time, perhaps nudging you toward decisions you may second-guess later. If you're tempted to leave a long-term relationship or job at this time, project yourself forward six months or a year, and consider the wisdom of the move in that light. This period of 'freedom at all costs' will pass, but you will be left with the results of your decisions.

Jupiter square Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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