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Jupiter square Saturn

Hurry Up and Wait

Kelli Fox

During this rare transit, your urge for freedom is in conflict with the established structures in your life. Some examination will make it very clear which areas of your life are holding you back from finding the freedom you seek. You're in a period of personal growth, and sometimes in order to grow, you have to let go of some things -- even those that mean a lot to you.

You may find yourself reviewing certain areas of your life -- your relationships, your professional and personal obligations, your various activities -- and finding that one or more of them is no longer working for you. You don't have the time or the energy to deal with it anymore, or you don't want to do things merely out of obligation. Circumstances may prevent you from moving forward as quickly as you'd like, but you'll still need to make some adjustments, even a job change or a move, however slowly it may happen. For the most part these changes will be easy to incorporate; in fact, those close to you may say, 'It's about time!' By the time this influence is finished in a few months, you'll feel quite a bit lighter and freer, and relieved that you were able to cut away some dead weight.

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