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Jupiter square Neptune

Spiritual Crisis

Kelli Fox

All the nagging spiritual questions that you've ignored all these years suddenly come to the surface during this transit. Things just don't feel right anymore in that area; your spiritual angst is reaching a peak, challenging you to clarify your beliefs and spiritual practices. And if you're not spiritually active, why not become so?

One way or another, you've got to sort through all these nagging voices in your head, trying to find the one that's got the answer you seek. Other difficulties and annoyances may surface at this time, too. You're feeling way too sensitive; little things that you normally take in stride now bother you, and your intuition picks up more information than you really care to know. If you had your druthers, you'd bag the whole program and head off to Hawaii for an extended vacation...but wait, you're still in your little cubicle, and you can't get out! And so it goes under this influence. You'll yearn for something that you probably can't have, and even if you did get it, it wouldn't be what you wanted anyway. So chin up, there; divert some of this frustrating energy into performing acts of selfless love. Don't roll your eyes -- it'll feel better than you think!

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