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Jupiter square Mercury

Listen Up!

Kelli Fox

You've got two ears and one mouth, and they should be used in that order, but that's going to be difficult for you at this time. You're sure you've got all the facts and figures, so what's the point of listening to anyone else? You're not shy about sharing what you know, either.

And sharing, and sharing and sharing. Take the hint when others have a glazed look in their eyes or stop stifling their yawns. Remember the sixty-second rule; stop talking after sixty seconds and give someone else the microphone. If you deliberately use your ears more than your mouth, you'll learn a lot. Your mind is quite active and curious right now; you're actually craving others' input. Negotiations and business decisions can go quite well for you, as long as you are flexible and listen to others' perspectives. You're sure of yourself, so you won't sell yourself short, and your good mood and confidence can inspire the people around you. Remember that it's a good thing when they challenge your ideas -- this gives you the chance to firm up your logic. In the end, lively conversation is the only result. This is a good time for socializing, and being around groups of like-minded people.

Jupiter square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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