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Jupiter square Mars

Easy Does It

Kelli Fox

Your confidence and energy are high during this period -- maybe too high. Not that confidence is a bad thing; quite the contrary. But understanding limits isn't your strong point during these few months.

You may feel invincible and full of yourself. You're so exuberant that you could actually injure yourself by overdoing it. It's in your best interest to demonstrate a wee bit of moderation, even though it doesn't come easily now. Your ambitions will be sparked and you'll work very hard on your professional career; so hard that you could seem threatening to an authority figure, who may attempt to block some of your efforts. Confrontations could result but they're not the best way to handle the problem. Hard as it may be, it's a good idea for you to back off a bit. Use some of that extra energy for your exercise program or to do some heavy lifting around the house, moving furniture or digging in your garden. Be particularly cautious around machinery. Bravado can quickly turn into trouble when machines get away from you. Making the best use of this energy requires some level of control -- not the easiest quality to muster up right now, but a little can go a long way.

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