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Jupiter square Jupiter

Overextending Your Resources

Kelli Fox

There are some challenges associated with this transit, but largely it's an opportunity for personal growth, a period when you can learn to limit your excesses now in order to avoid harsh consequences later. Although life isn't perfect during this transit -- when is it ever, except in moments? -- you'll still feel upbeat, confident and optimistic for what's coming down the road of life.

You're so certain that things will work out, in fact, that you may ignore uncomfortable details about the present, such as your actual take-home income or the bills you have to pay. You appreciate quality, which is a fine thing, but at this time you're likely to be a little too self-indulgent. It's really easy to exceed your budget when you're in that mode. This overspending of resources may extend beyond the realm of money into your personal energy level and how many commitments you make. If you've got a different activity every night of the week, this may be the time when push comes to shove, and you'll realize that you simply can't do it all; after all, something's got to give. This situation can also easily repeat itself in your professional life, so learn to say 'no' when the occasion demands it.

Jupiter square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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