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Jupiter sextile Venus

Birds of a Feather

Kelli Fox

Relationships are highlighted now, as are your finances. This infrequent but favorable influence enhances your romantic life, making you feel big-hearted and generous, open to love. All relationships started now will thrive, whether they're business or personal, and established relationships will improve, especially if you take the initiative to work on them.

All forms of social activity are favored, because your natural charm is able to shine through and you make everyone around you feel comfortable. Others seek your company now. Use this time to join a group of people who enjoy the same activities as you, such as a gardening club or a dance class, or throw a surprise party for someone special. Music and art play a more important part of your life than they usually do, so purchasing music, seeing live performances or investing in art for your home are all favored. You may feel magnetic, able to draw things to you, but you're also passive now, rather than active. It may be a challenge to keep up your exercise program and to avoid overeating -- a combination that may leave you with a pound or two to lose when this influence fades in a few months.

Jupiter sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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