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Jupiter sextile Uranus

Restless and Innovative Mind

Kelli Fox

If you're feeling restless and itchy with the way things are, you can chalk it up to this transit. This is one of those beneficial periods that creates the need for change within you, but generally the changes are not too disruptive, and should be regarded as improvements instead of radical departures from your established life. Follow that sense of restlessness; use it to discover where in your life these changes need to happen.

Is it in your professional life, your relationships, your family dynamics or some other area? Once you narrow down the area, do some research. Your mind is particularly open to new concepts and information right now, and you'll be able to apply what you learn in innovative ways. You can use that active mind for other purposes, as well: Take a class in a subject you've been interested in but were afraid to approach, or learn some new computer skills. Read a book written for the lay person on chaos theory; it may make more sense to you than you think it will! Subscribe to a technology or science magazine. Do something that will help your mind stretch far beyond its usual limits. Find new possibilities in your life that excite you.

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