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Jupiter sextile Sun

Opportunities Abound

Kelli Fox

These few months will find you swimming in a river of opportunities. Your biggest challenge will be in deciding which of your many options you should capitalize on first! It's true that this period will bring you good luck and many benefits, but it will work out best for you if you're able to recognize and act on the big breaks that happen for you.

Endeavors that you start now will work out for you in the long run; there's little doubt about that. Projects and activities that force you to consider the Bigger Picture and that encourage you to learn and to expand your knowledge into various fields are the most suitable and satisfying for you at this time, and will bring the best rewards. Your need for extra freedom will be quite noticeable at this time, and should be honored. If possible, schedule a vacation from work during this transit, and travel to a place as faraway and exotic as your mind can stretch (and your pocketbook afford). Exposing yourself to different cultures, different languages and different people will open your mind and heart more now than at other times. Take this opportunity to grow and stretch on a spiritual as well as the mental plane.

Jupiter sextile Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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