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Jupiter sextile Saturn

Steady as She Goes

Kelli Fox

The steady, practical application of your energy during this period will help you expand the scope of your work, and will enable you to accomplish a lot toward the fulfillment of your goals. Don't be surprised if your goals change and grow during these few months: Suddenly your vision will be bigger, freed of some self-imposed limitations. You'll see that more is possible and, indeed, achievable.

This is the perfect blend of realism and idealism, of optimism and the practical application of energy. Your sense of liberation as well as your urge for personal growth will help you harness and direct your dedication to achieve new heights. Your accomplishments will not go unnoticed by others, either: Your social standing and reputation will be improved through your focused work, and this is an excellent time to take on a leadership role in your community or in any type of organization. You have an excellent ability now to aim toward courageous and lofty heights, and at the same time, to envision a practical plan for achieving those heights. This can be applied in your professional as well as your personal life. Enjoy this period of steady growth.

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  1. Sasha on May 15, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Thankyou Kelli it’s my personal life that I have started to focus on more than anything else, as I don’t think I have any chance to succede in the most important aspect of my life until I have learned to balance my inner self and learned how to quieten my mind.

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