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Jupiter sextile Neptune

Helping Out Close to Home

Kelli Fox

Your compassionate and creative nature is aroused at this time, and you're more intuitive and perceptive to the spirit world than usual. You're more sensitive, too, in many ways -- physically, so smoke, fumes or noises may bother you; and emotionally, so your feelings may get hurt more easily than usual. You're also very sensitive to the needs of others now, and can achieve a great deal of personal satisfaction by helping and assisting those in need.

This doesn't have to be far from home: In fact, visiting a neighbor who's had surgery, bringing dinner over to the family with the new baby or mowing the lawn of the elderly couple down the street -- these are gifts of compassion that have real meaning right in your own neighborhood. Creativity is also stimulated at this time, which you can take advantage of by making some changes to your home environment to soften and sweeten it up. You may have extended, exciting dreams in which you travel long distances to faraway, unknown lands. Even simple daydreams can sweep you away for a period, and you'll enjoy these brief respites from your mundane, everyday life.

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