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Jupiter sextile Mercury

Thinking Big

Kelli Fox

You've got big plans now. You see the future and it's all good. The best part is that you've got the goods to deliver, too.

Your communication skills soar; you express yourself eloquently and passionately; you can't remember when you've been more alert or perceptive. Any project or endeavor you begin now will turn out well for you, and also at this time you're able to renew your interest in already established activities. All matters of commerce go well for you, as well as negotiations, contracts and other professional matters. Your ability to network will bring you into contact with many more people than usual, making this a wonderful time to schedule important business meetings, to organize any group of like-minded people such as a reading group or political group, or even just to have a sociable get-together with friends. Lively and stimulating conversations are sure to blossom in such situations. If you are at all inclined toward writing, this is an excellent time for it. All in all, this is a wonderful time of optimism and good luck, a period of learning and mental expansion that will lead to personal growth, if you participate in the opportunities that come your way.

Jupiter sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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