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Jupiter sextile Mars

A Golden Opportunity

Kelli Fox

Your physical energy and ambition increase under this rare but very beneficial period, so don't let these few months go to waste. Expect an increase in many areas of your life, and if you don't notice an increase, create one! For one thing, your physical exercise regime should be regular and vigorous.

You're able now to increase your endurance and strength without overdoing it or injuring yourself, so kick it up a notch at the gym! Your professional and personal ambitions are also highlighted now; since you'll be feeling so strong and confident physically, you'll be able to focus and apply yourself at work, accomplishing more work than you -- or your boss! -- expect. You have good forward vision now, which you are able to actively manifest. Whatever you can dream up, you can make it happen. You do your best work alone, unencumbered by others, and you feel independent and confident, hating to have anyone breathing over your shoulder or not trusting in your abilities. You're able to identify opportunities, make quick decisions and act decisively, rolling up your sleeves and moving forward with foresight and energy. Make the best of this golden opportunity.

Jupiter sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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