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Jupiter sextile Jupiter

Smooth Sailing

Kelli Fox

Unless you have other, more difficult transits operating right now, this should be several months of smooth sailing for you, when projects you're involved in move forward without a hitch and you're able to advance your concerns without difficulty. You'll feel optimistic about yourself, your future and your opportunities, without being unreasonably starry-eyed or overcommitted. Your energy will be upbeat, stable, positive and proactive.

Your business affairs run smoothly, and this is a good time for important staff meetings, especially ones for the purpose of clarifying your long-term missions and goals. You have good perceptions now and accurate foresight; you're able to identify opportunities where they exist and maximize their returns. Others are happy to do business with you. Your social standing can also improve at this time, as your community service or generous donations won't go unnoticed. Use this time of balance and flow to work hard, accomplish much and improve your social position. Growth is a keyword for this transit: Think personal growth, business growth, spiritual growth. It all works together to create your brightest future.

Jupiter sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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