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Jupiter opposite Venus

Give Love and Raise Money

Kelli Fox

Is your love life feeling a little tweaked right now, as the quintessential conflict between attachment and freedom rears its two-faced head? Is your partner demanding a little more room to move, or is it you who are feeling hemmed in? These few months will provide you with a new opportunity to work through these issues; and most likely, the outcome will be good.

For one thing, you're better able to entertain another's point of view right now, even if you don't agree with their stance. The ability to walk a mile in another's moccasins helps you to find a middle ground. Another thing is that you're a lover, not a fighter; you'd rather find a compromise than engage in a competition. Your heart is open and increasing with love, and this won't go unnoticed by your partner or anyone else around you. In fact, you can apply this energy far outside the realm of your love life: Your generous spirit and sympathetic nature help you connect easily with other people. Fundraising is highlighted at this time, particularly if you're asking for donations for a charitable cause. Your purpose will shine through and motivate others to get involved.

Jupiter opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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  1. Arpita Bajpai on July 24, 2016 at 8:21 am

    Ma’am pls tell me about my married life, BOY – name is Rhytham Mahaisker , whose date of birth is 20 feb 1988, time between 6 to 7 am, Birth Place – Nanded (Maharashtra, India).
    GIRL – name is Arpita Bajpai, date of birth – 25-01-1993, time – 6:20 pm, place – Lucknow ( UP, INDIA)
    Tell me that we both are a good match or not.

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