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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Is it You, or is it Them?

Kelli Fox

Relationships come and relationships go, and this may be a period when one or more of them are going. The air is charged with your need for freedom, but you may not realize it. All you know is that you're grumpy, restless and irritable, and everything the people around you do gets on your nerves -- and it's not just your sweetie, either.

This could be anyone from a boss to a coworker, a close friend or another associate. Don't be shocked when the feeling is perfectly mutual, or if your partner decides to up and leave you -- even if it's just for the weekend. Some separation right now is probably a good thing, especially if you don't sit at home sulking about it. Your time would be much better spent on considering exactly what's bothering you, and how to improve things. Remember the cardinal rule: You can only change yourself! The best way to deal with the charged and rebellious energy of this influence is to take on the changes yourself, and be exceedingly careful not to upset the apple cart 'just because.' Disruptions are very possible during this influence, but with a little forethought, they'll turn out to be very positive changes for you and everyone in your life.

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