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Jupiter opposite Sun

Are You Teachable?

Kelli Fox

This period represents a time of growth and learning through others. Your mind is activated now and your thirst for knowledge is great, so this is a perfect time to take a class or otherwise increase your learning and experience in any field you choose. If you have a tutor or mentor available to you, your relationship with your teacher is likely to be a special one.

You may at times feel that you know more than your teacher, but don't be deluded by these feelings of superiority. They can block effective learning for you, because you may not be humble enough to learn from anyone else! The best fields for you are subjects that increase your perception and understanding, and that provide a broad umbrella under which many other subjects may fall. Subjects like philosophy, cross-cultural studies or world religions would be good choices. Do choose something, though, or this period may pass you by without delivering all that is possible. The mental growth and spiritual awakening that can happen at this time require your active initiation and participation, and can propel you into a learning period that will last for several years.

Jupiter opposite Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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