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Jupiter opposite Saturn

Are You Coming or Going?

Kelli Fox

You may feel a tumult of emotions and indecision during the few months of this transit, when you can't decide if you're coming or going! The problem is, you're being pulled in two different directions, and you'll find it very difficult to make a firm decision. On the one hand, there's the familiar, comfortable life that you've built; on the other hand, a sense of freedom and liberation beckons.

Neither one is completely satisfying on its own, and your challenge right now is to find the perfect balance between the two. This is a skill that requires practice, and while you are practicing, you may find that you're drawn between the two extremes in a very uncomfortable way. You're likely to be immobilized by indecision, or when you do make a decision, you then second-guess yourself; so there isn't a moment's peace. It's possible that someone in your life will take on the role of one side or the other -- either the stuffy traditionalist, or the freedom-loving rebel. If this occurs, keep in mind that it's an outer manifestation of an inner situation. Own both sides of the equation, and know that this confusing influence will pass in a relatively short time.

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