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Jupiter opposite Pluto

Opposition Appears

Kelli Fox

This can be a difficult few months. You may find yourself stuck in conflict with authority or in situations where your word is pitted against someone else's. In some way, the law or another authority could oppose you during this period; circumstances will call your actions, power or resources into question.

If you've done nothing wrong, this will most likely amount to nothing but an inconvenience, but things from your past that you may be less than proud of could catch up with you now -- even events that occurred as much as six years ago. Your ambitions are certainly stimulated now, but it seems that someone or something is conspiring to keep you from achieving them. You may receive a promotion at work, only to find that your subordinates don't like or respect you. It will be up to you to earn their respect, and as long as you're honest, aboveboard and hardworking, it will happen by the end of this transit. This influence leans toward imbalance, so do your best to keep your concerns and efforts from developing into obsessions. The easiest way to do this is to involve others in your affairs, and to share your concerns with people you're close to.

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