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Jupiter opposite Neptune

The Expanding Universe

Kelli Fox

You'll feel your spirit grow on a daily basis during this transit, and you'll feel ecstatic to be part of the expanding universe. You can be swept away by wild-eyed optimism and enthusiasm; feelings that will leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of. You're so confident that your vision for the future will come to pass that you may fall for some fly-by-night scheme, completely ignoring the red flags that go up in the back of your mind; you'll also pay little heed to the warnings of your friends and those closest to you.

You long to be free in every possible way, and from there it's a short step to trying to escape the everyday world, which seems very boring and humdrum to you during this influence. Some may escape into spiritual practice, others into service. Most of us, however, choose more mundane methods of avoiding the daily grind: We rent a bunch of movies, eat popcorn, surf the net. Whatever your method of choice might be, you must exercise extreme caution in all your activities, because your ability to limit yourself now is weak. For the best results, use this influence to see the good in others, but don't allow yourself to be swept away.

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