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Jupiter opposite Mercury

A Mental Peak

Kelli Fox

If you began a business or commercial endeavor about six years ago, it should reach a high point or a period of culmination now. If you have been in negotiations, they should also reach a peak at this time; any venture that you've already started will move forward now. You may find that someone opposes your ideas, but don't take this as a challenge.

Instead, it's an opportunity to clarify your knowledge and your position. Generally, this is a favorable time for long-term planning, because you grasp the big picture better now than usual. If there is a problem with this transit, it's that your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, so to speak; you may be so dazzled by the possibilities that you overlook obvious details. It's good to run your plan by someone who is perhaps a bit more grounded than you feel at this time, and get their opinion. They'll notice things that you missed. Communications of all types are favored now, as are social events and any type of activity that stimulates your mental processes and intellect. Try to keep your perspective, and don't exaggerate. Instead, use this period to try to understand others' perspectives and to reach common ground together.

Jupiter opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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