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Jupiter opposite Jupiter

A Catalyst for Personal Growth

Kelli Fox

Events and endeavors that you've set in motion in the past six years may be coming to a head now. In fact, more than one project may keep you busier than you actually prefer. You'll find yourself juggling tasks and feeling spread thin, so see if you can't call in some helping hands to assist you and make your load lighter.

It's quite ironic, actually, because you're called to attend to your professional life at a time when you hear freedom's bell ringing in your ears. There's a certain part of you that would like to toss aside the many little jobs you're called upon to do, and head off for a vacation in Tahiti; but it's not time for that yet. For now, your energy and confidence must be turned toward the fulfillment of things you've already started. Fortunately, you feel energetic and optimistic, and so it's not a burden to pour yourself into your affairs during this rare transit. Someone may emerge now who is a catalyst for your personal growth; in some way, they challenge you to become more than who you've been. Your self-perception is changing, which automatically changes your actions and will soon manifest as changes in your outer world.

Jupiter opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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