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Jupiter conjunct Venus

An Increase of Love and Money

Kelli Fox

The next few months will see a great deal of romantic and financial activity for you. All your relationships will be enhanced during this period, because you're feeling big-hearted, generous and ready to connect. This includes but isn't limited to romance.

All relationships started now will increase your capacity for love and will promote personal growth on your part. Any relationships that have been suffering can now be mended, but you should take the initiative to heal these relationships and move them past the hurdle that has been in your way. Your creative ability is enhanced during this time, and also your interest in music, drama and the fine arts. This is a fine time to invest in art; purchase a print by your favorite artist to display in your home. You may have a financial windfall during this period, or at least you will feel better off even if circumstances are the same. Do be careful of any extravagant purchases: You have champagne taste right now, and may be tempted to spend beyond your means. If you can heed this small caution, these few months should be upbeat, and will show a decided improvement in your relationships.

Jupiter conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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